Today is Day 15 of my quest to post some type of writing on my blog for 30 continuous days. I have to admit that I thought it would be tough, and I haven’t disappointed myself in my own pessimism. But, if my math is correct, I’m halfway through the challenge. (Let’s see, five divided by 10, carry the 3, and solve for x. Yes, halfway done.)

It’s important that I finish this challenge, because out there in the world of the Internet there are 73 people who are hanging on every word I write, so it’s important that I neither falter or give in to the struggle. Google stats suggest that 72 of those readers are possibly Russian bots, so to the one actual person who’s reading this, thank you, Mom.

The reality for most of us is that it’s hard to complete our goals. We take up an idea, often enthusiastically, then jump off too soon to something else that we’re equally enthusiastic about. Or we let fun things (like a Valentine’s Day zombie marathon on TNT) occupy the time we should be working toward our goal. Or we labor and languish because we think that what we’re doing isn’t good enough, that it has to be perfect. And seeking perfection is the death of so many good things.

I know the next 15 days will be tough, so I decided to read a good motivational book that I recently acquired. When I say “recently” that means that I’ve had it for a good four months, and when I say “acquired” that means that a friend mistakenly loaned it to me and by now she should realize that it’s never going to be returned. 

The book is called Finish: Give Yourself the Gift of Done, and it’s written by a local gent named Jon Acuff. I read most of it, then got distracted by thrillers like The Odyssey and War and Peace. I had a temptation to just return Finish, unfinished, to the friend that loaned it to me. Then I realized that I really wanted to finish it. Besides, she’s already read it and I can justify keeping it a little longer by saying that she should know that you just never loan books. Lesson learned, Emily.

If you’re the type who starts but never finishes, then I encourage you to swing by the library or your local bookstore and pick up a copy of Finish by Jon Acuff. It’s fun, well-written, and has some great tips. It’s worth your while.

So, here ends Day 15 of my writing endeavor, though the upcoming two weeks are going to be especially rough, because I’ll be attending a little event in my hometown this weekend, I will be farming a little, and I’m taking my summer vacation (a few months too late). But I am going to do my best and will settle for less than perfect. I hope that you can, too.


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