Yesterday, I visited an exhibit of painting and sculpture by a man who was from an Italian-speaking part of Switzerland. His name was Alberto Giacometti, and his work was fascinating.

That's not to say that I always understood what he had created, and in some instances I wasn't really sure what he was hoping to see within his final work.

In the exhibit there was a small film clip of him at work, and he was saying, in that, that if he worked on a piece for a thousand years, that he might never be satisfied, but that he could say that he was "getting closer." That was interesting.

After that, he said that he could work on a piece and say that it was a success, and that it was a failure...which is to day that success can be measured only by failure.

And I liked that. Yesterday was a great day for me, but one that was exhausting, and as I arrived back at my room I knew that I could not possibly write the blog that I had promised myself, to keep the streak alive. So, now I will finish up in a few days, with an empty day, but that's what worked for me. Success can be measured only by failure, and one day missing of the 30 on a row is just about all right.

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