Thanks Enterprise and Chase

I want to take a moment to thank Enterprise car rental and Chase Visa USA for their help with a recent problem. A couple months ago my Enterprise rental car was hit by a small object, possibly a stone kicked up off the freeway, as I drove into California. I realized that it must have hit the "perfect" spot, because a crack soon found its way across the windshield. I was sure that I was going to have a headache trying to work through the problem, especially with several days left on my trip.
My first call was to Enterprise, and the representative assured me that my safety and comfort were their main priority. He gave me suggestions as to how I might trade out cars along the way if I needed to, and how best to approach insurance. As I hung up he said, "Don't worry about it, enjoy your trip."
After that I called Chase Visa (always great for Southwest airline miles) and their representative told me I was covered, that he would email to me a list of the information they needed after I got home, and to enjoy my vacation. Just that simple.

The crack never was so bad that I needed to trade cars, and I was able to enjoy the trip with the same Ford Fusion Hybrid. The Enterprise rep at the Reno Airport got me what I needed to file for insurance purposes, when I returned the car, and over the next week I got Chase the rest of the paperwork they needed. The process was simple, and when I needed help both companies had outstanding reps to assist. This week I got notice that the credit card and rental card companies had everything worked out, and the windshield was replaced at no expense to me.

I have to admit that I was concerned how this would play out, because I've always wondered what would happen if I ever needed to rely on the credit card insurance coverage that's included with a car rental. Plainly, it worked better than I would have imagined, and I applaud Enterprise and Chase Visa USA for doing what they said they would, with some of the greatest customer service folks when I needed an assist. They assured themselves a customer for a while, and I thank them both.
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