Don't Quit

A million years ago, maybe more, I read a poem called Don't Quit. It's one that most of you have probably ready at some time, and, though it's relatively famous, no one knows who wrote it.

But it's one of those little things that motivates me, so I always carry a copy of it in my wallet, and have for years. They wear out every few months so I have to replace them, as will soon be the case with the one I'm carrying right now. Sometimes I give away my copy, if I talk to someone who's feeling overwhelmed. And we are all overwhelmed sometimes, I know.

I'm just on Day 6 of my little challenge to myself, and I'm having fun writing a little something every day, enjoying the false pressure. So this slip of paper was a little "boost" for me today.

For the next million years I will be reading poems such as Don't Quit and Invictus, and I will enjoy the motivation that they give me. Is there anything you read, or something that you do, to keep yourself on track?

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